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Headshots with Nancy

When I was in graduate school in November 2012, I roomed with a girl named Nancy at a conference. It was a "blind roommate set-up" and I was nervous to spend four days with a stranger. But, the moment I met Nancy all that anxiety drifted away. She was energetic and radiant and had the ability to make anyone feel comfortable. For the last six years, we have continued to stay in contact and both ended up being residents in central Illinois. It's been such a rollercoaster ride witnessing one another go through graduate school struggles, new jobs, moves across the country, and marriages to our Beta Theta Pi husbands. :)

Nancy was one of the first individuals I told I was planning on pursuing a career in photography, and immediately she was a huge cheerleader. This morning we met at Hopscotch Bakery in Champaign, IL to photograph headshots for her as she is re-designing her blog and brand. I can't wait to see the incredible things this lady goes on to accomplish!

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