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Turner Family - Lifestyle Session

I love capturing families within their own homes. It just feels so authentic and comfortable for everyone involved. You are able to photograph people in their element and it just feels so natural. So when Nicole reached out to me about the opportunity to capture their new addition to their family, Cayden, I said absolutely!

Cayden was born on January 15th. And the Turner family couldn't wait to photograph those first moments home with him. We were able to get so many gorgeous shots together in our hour together. And Collin, the NEW big brother, was very excited to take pictures and see himself in the back of the camera. You could see how much joy Dan, Nicole, and Collin had from interacting with Cayden. There was so much love and precious moments that were shared.

When I got home from the shoot, I took a sneak peek in the back of my camera and had SO many favorites here's just a few of those! Congratulations, Turner Family. Cayden is so beautiful, healthy, and full of life.

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