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Emily + David Engagement Session

One of my favorite couples EVER is getting married next year! I seriously never laugh harder or have a better time than when I photograph Emily and David. You may remember this gorgeous couple from their amazing lifestyle session that they did earlier this year. During that session, we had such a great time, so you can imagine how floored I was when Emily reached out and asked if I would be interested in being their wedding photographer!

What I love most about photographing Emily and David is that they never take themselves too seriously and showcase their authentic, honest, love for one another. Plus they are ALWAYS down to try new ideas and truly empower me to capture them. When Emily and David said that they wanted to do their engagement session at Allerton, I knew that we had to incorporate a little bit of "them" into the session. So... we went to their favorite spot in the park (the Sunken Garden... duh!) and they had a fall themed picnic including a picturesque charcuterie board and wine! But... you all seriously need to peak her STUNNING ring! David did such a great job and it is unlike any other ring I have seen before!

I cannot wait for their wedding next year! It's couples like Emily and David that make me feel so lucky to have this profession. Congratulations, you two!

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