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Monica's Bridal Shower

I met Monica 10 years ago at Northern Illinois University. I was a freshman and incredibly homesick so I decided to join a sorority, Delta Gamma, to help me get more comfortable. Monica was one of the first individuals I met. Within minutes of interacting with her, I already felt like she was a best friend. She was warm. She was so kind. And she just made you feel at home. Flash forward to 10 years later, and Monica is still that sister I've always wanted. Monica has a million friends. Not that she is a collecter, but she truly just loves that many people. You can always rely on Monica to remember your birthday, to call you when you're down, to plan the most thoughtful party, or just to be a shoulder to cry on.

Monica and Mike are getting married in January and I am so happy to be serving as a bridesmaid. When Monica first told me that she had met Mike, it just seemed different. She was so excited and when I had the opportunity to meet Mike, it all made sense. The way that they looked at one another and interacted- you could truly tell they weren't meant to be. I was so thrilled for them when they got engaged. Monica deserves all the love in the world and Mike so provides that and so much more!

Monica's bridal shower was this weekend and wow, you could SO feel the love in the room. So many of her friends and family members were there to shower this special lady and her soon to be husband. Monica's mom, Patti, and future mother-in-law, Sandy, hosted the event. And it was FABULOUS! Such a beautiful shower for a beautiful lady.

So cheers to Monica and Mike! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you two and couldn't be happier to be your friend. <3

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