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Andrew + Nora Wedding

I can't believe spring is almost here! I don't know about you all, but this winter has felt L-O-N-G. Luckily, I had the honor of photographing Andrew and Nora's wedding celebration to help brighten up the season! You all, I loved this wedding! It was so unique and different than the traditional weddings I photograph. I loved how personalized Andrew and Nora made their special day. Such a memorable occasion surrounded with so many loving family members and friends.

Previously, Andrew and Nora were married last summer in California. It was a small ceremony that many of their family and friends were not able to attend because of travel. Because of this, they decided to hold a wedding celebration in the Champaign-Urbana area! Andrew is originally from the area and Nora's parents were able to come over from China during the month of February. Their celebration was the week of Valentine's Day and you could truly feel the love! Before the celebration, Andrew and Nora hosted many of their friends and family over to their home to indulge in some traditional Chinese food and drinks. And oh my goodness! It looked so divine. Nora is a self-proclaimed foodie and you could SO tell from all the delicious food served throughout the day. My favorite part of that period was snapping photos of Andrew and Nora's two adorable cats, Spot and Cooper. Talk about photogenic! These two almost stole the spotlight from their mom and dad.

Before we headed over to Big Grove Tavern for the main celebration, we took photos of Andrew and Nora in their backyard. The lighting was absolutely perfect and they both looked stunning. Seriously... Nora's dress! Beyond beautiful. After bride and groom portraits and family photos, we headed over to Big Grove for the festivities! I loved the cat decorations and details that they included to represent Cooper and Spot. The name plates were so adorable!

The evening was absolutely wonderful and full of so many memories with their friends and loved ones as well as delicious food. You could truly feel how much Andrew and Nora were loved by the interactions from everyone. This couple was one of my favorites to photograph and I felt so honored to have had the opportunity to document their special day. <3

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