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David + Emily Lifestyle Session

Within the last few months, Emily and David have accomplished some serious milestones together! Emily went back to school to become a teacher and obtained her teaching license. She also accepted her first teaching position! David started a new position in Human Resources. On top of their incredible career accomplishments, they sold their condo and bought a new house that they moved into. AND they got engaged!! What better way to celebrate than a fun in-home lifestyle session?

From the moment I stepped into Emily and David's home, I was greeted by two new clients who felt like old friends. They were so comfortable and had the most incredible chemistry between one another. I pulled out my camera, and honestly just documented the two of them interacting. The way they looked at one another, laughed at one another, interacted with one another- it was pure love and felt so incredibly natural. They had me laughing throughout the entire session-- especially when David busted out his guitar and free style sang his own song based off The Bachelorette show! I LOVED IT!

It's been over a year now since I've started this little business and the most impactful part of it has been the incredible clients who become friends along the way. David and Emily are no exception. I feel so blessed to have had the chance to work with the beautiful couple and can't wait to see what else their futures hold! Congratulations, David and Emily!

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