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Jordan + Elaina Wedding

When I first met Jordan and Elaina, it was like I was meeting two close friends for coffee. They were so warm, so caring, and had a vested interest in getting to know you. They were the absolute sweetest and I knew the minute I left that coffee shop that I HAD to work with them! Jordan and Elaina met in Bloomington through their church and their love only continued to blossom over time.

Their wedding day was full of so many special memories and a room FULL of friends and family who absolutely adored them. I loved all the personal pieces they had included throughout their day that made them who they are! Like Elaina's stunning yellow shoes, Jordan's superhero t-shirts for all his groomsmen underneath their suits, their cake toppers, and even included their love for ice cream by having Carl's Ice Cream there! The entire day was personalized and true to Jordan and Elaina. I know this couple is going to have a lifetime of happiness and I just feel so blessed to have had the chance to photograph their special day! Congratulations, Jordan and Elaina! You two deserve the world and so much more. <3

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