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Inspire Your® - Branding Session

Have you ever met someone who blew you away from your first initial interaction? Amanda Jean from Inspire Your® is that person. She is one of the most professional, detail oriented, and insightful women you will ever have the opportunity to meet. Amanda reached out to me a few months ago to meet to chat more about her company, Inspire Your®. Amanda's company offers a variety of event planning products and services. Inspire Your® offers new simple and standard planning products with their knowledge collection for anyone, everyone. Their Knowledge Boxes are SO innovative and truly help the wedding planning process. Inspire Your® also offers day of wedding and event planning services. If there was anyone I would ever want to plan my special day, it would be Amanda. She is impeccable, timely, poised, and trained in the art of communication.

So when Amanda reached out to me to come into her shop and office to photograph her space, I said ABSOLUTELY! Her space is a freaking dream. All of her branding is cohesive, the beautiful white walls and pops of pink and gold are vibrant and soothing. Her shop inventory is incredible and she offers so many amazing products to make your wedding day special. I loved getting a sneak peak of how she creates the Knowledge Boxes and even her planning processes. If you are looking for assistance with planning your special day, Inspire Your® is your go to! Visit to learn more about Amanda Jean and the incredible company and innvovative Knowledge Boxes. Thank you for this opportunity, Amanda!

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