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618 Events - Branding Session

When I met Maggie from 618 Events at a mutual friends' birthday party, I knew I HAD to befriend her! Her laugh was contagious and when she spoke about her event planning company, 618 Events, you could truly see the passion which she holds for cultivating incredible events and memories for others. I look up to women like Maggie. Women who are willing to take a risk by starting their own business. Women that are innovative and creative. Women that create a brand and identity of their own. When I held a branding session giveaway and randomly drew Maggie's entry, I knew it was fate for me to capture her business!

618 Events is an event planning company serving Champaign, IL, and surrounding areas. Maggie offers all different kinds of event services- weddings, social gatherings, and even corporate and non-profit events. She is incredibly organized and detail oriented with a resume of impressive event planning experience. What I love most about Maggie's leadership style is that she is so relational and collaborative. In the time that she started her business, she has met with so many different vendors and community members. She truly takes the time to get to know you, understand your needs, and remembers all the little details that you or I may not ever remember!

My mission for LW Branding is to elevate and empower individuals to be the best leaders that they can possibly be. And Maggie and 618 Events encompasses that mission. She is an innovative, creative, and inspiring business owner that I feel so lucky to know.

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